Axel Angeli - Digital Future Evangelist

Axel Angeli, Director Logosworld, Germany;  

Digital Transformation Evangelist and International SAP Project Recovery Expert 

Axel Angeli has a reputation as SAP guru and protagonist for Ultra-Large Distributed Computing System that includes such trends like the Internet of Things, SOA and cloud computer since the 1990ties. Axel Angeli created his own management consultancy Logosworld in 1984 and since then his crew and he himself travel the world to teach and implement computer technology; when he often finds himself in the situation to rescue large SAP and software transformation projects. 

Since 2004 Axel Angeli uses his international network to help Indian companies liaising with business partners in Europe; on the reverse he shows European entrepreneurs how to determine opportunities in India, Middle-East, China and Africa by building symbiotic partnerships.

I welcome you to meet me in person in one of my education sessions or in one of my keynotes in International conferences. 

Current and past conferences.

Digital Transformation Show: Dubai 24./25th September 2017

India Big IT Show: Mumbai 2nd/3rd November 2017

Indiasoft & Globalsoft 24./25.Jan 18 Bangalore -  The Gateway to Make in India Business Opportunities