SAP Project Rescue

The Logosworld experts come from the jungle and battlefields of ERP project troubleshooting. Our lead avisors are leading experts with many success stories in SAP Classic, Oracle and SAP Netweaver.

Project rescue is nothing for the classical project manager. You need strong nerves, extra-ordinary analytical skills, a convincing and charismatic personality and the willingness to break rules wisely when they are the cause for the project failure. Our rescue approach is based on Standard Emergency Procedures, like the fire-brigade that appears with a large set of permanently practiced techniques. But the real duty of a project rescuer is to come in early and help avoiding a fire outbreak. The core competence of our consultants is SAP Classic and SAP troubleshooting. We give you independent advice to get the best revenue out of SAP investments.

Experience is the mother of knowledge

Most of the logosworld partners have worked for since the early days of SAP with R/3 and Netweaver and we have added skills in other technologies like Microsoft.NET, Microsoft Dynamics (Navison, Axapta), Oracle (JHD Edwards, Peoplesoft). We have seen many projects going wry since we are the ones who are called in the last minute. Often we could rescue the project by focussing on the essential or simply showing them to untie the seemingly untractable problem. We are prowd to be independent, even if this is sometimes difficult from an economical point of view. While the big Five come with a large sales force and charge lots of money for a big platoon of junior consultants, we often cannot even talk to the right people. We are the ones that can help YOUR project be a success. We are competence. We are success!