Indiasoft 2016 Mumbai 3./4.Mar 16

Indiasoft Mumbai 3./4.March 2016
Germany will be again in focus at annual Indiasoft in Mumbai on 3./4th March 2016, the 16ths edition of India’s largest Conference Fair Indiasoft. We invite professionals with special interests in the High Technology, ITC and electronics sector to be part of our delegation to Indiasoft. For selected delegates from SMB we offer to sponsor the airfare ticket.

Indiasoft– India’s No. 1 Networking Convent

In 2016 the annual INDIASOFT convention takes place in India’s 20 Million metropolis Mumbai. Embedded in a decent conference program approx. 150 Indian IT enterprises will exhibit their skills and await 600 invited guests from all over the world. Amongst the exhibitors are small start-ups but also larger enterprises with interest to invest abroad and look for strategic alliances for mutual market entry.

For SMB delegates we provide a limited number of free airfare tickets from your home place to India and back.

Additional Offer: See more of India with Matchmaking-Rainbowtour

In case you want to see more of India and get acquainted with other firms we offer you to join our rainbow tour to the dedicated High-Tech Centres of India where we will organize matchmaking with the local chambers of commerce and organisations. The events will be organized by INDESCON together with the local chambers of commerce in a business day. In each city there will be a seminar and intensive speed-dating. We will also support your search for partners in India.

Rainbow tour is not a classical delegation tour but a discovery trip that concentrates on Matchmaking and introducing new acquaintances. However, we will take the opportunity to simultaneously show you the magic of the new India that transforms in breath-taking speed to the modern. If you wish special local contacts we will also do our very best to bring you together with the right people.

For more information attention please view the attached PDF brochure.

English Brochure - German Brochure:

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