Logosworld - Enterprise Architects

Logosworld is a "Bureau of Engineers" with a traditional German quality mind set. Our people are top-level management advisors and have specialized in Project rescue and realignment of overly complex IT organizations through finding the right strategy for future and a clean path through the technology jungle. Our origin are mission-critical SAP implementations and we take pride in being amongst the early proponents of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud Computing and Big-Data technology as the ground works for the IT of the future.

Logosworld works with a minimum of permanent staff that frees as from any pressure to generate projects for our personnel. Our workforces are recruited on demand from within our partner and alumni network with the stunning side-effect that we also can select from the best advisors and subject specialists in the world. Logosworld.com is an association of small expert IT consultancies and advisors for software integration, custom development and multi-national project management around SAP ERP software. With an agile network in Europa, Asia and America we are you ideal partner to solve the problems of multi-site software implementations. Larger consultancies are perfect for mainstream implementation project; but when a SAP installation needs to be sensefully tailored to the individual needs of a SMB or a specialized industry the capacities of a big consultancy is limited. Think of the needs of steel, paper, special chemicals, retail, bottling or multi-national distribution; a SAP standard ERP is ideal for the underlying framework, but the business process modelling requires quite a number of agile and flexible appraoches. Our offer: let the larger consultancy run your project since they are able to cater for an infrastructure that can fill every part of a project. But do not let them abduct your project and deliver a catch-all installation that is often very far away from what you need. Logosworld offers to be the independent control and knowledge bridge between the main project implementer and your lines of buisiness. We moderate between the groups and care for finding the specialized solutions. The Logosworld experts come from the jungle and battlefields of ERP project troubleshooting. Our lead avisors are leading experts with many success stories in SAP Classic, Oracle and SAP Netweaver(tm).