Management Consulting

Logosworld offers his services as premium advisor for strategy and execution in IT to leaders of IT departments, project managers, programme managers and non-IT executives.
We see our role as the interpreter between the technology talk and enterprise strategy responsible. We are there to make sense out of technology and marketing talk and guide the decision makers to find the best future oriented strategy and buying the best available product.

Usually we discuss with upper management - both IT an IT - the mid-term business vision and prospect in order to determine how IT can support the change process.

It is out of question that computer software plays a strategic role in modern economy.
• Computer software delivers speed and automation in Enterprise resource Planning;
• Computer software supports Research & Development as well as Quality Assurance with high speed simulation, big database search and WWW data matching
• The World-wide Web - today often called "the Cloud" - has changed our daily life; communication takes place in real time and collaboration is now often virtual;
• Every larger enterprise is forced to make use of social networks and exchange information over the internet to be successful

An enterprise that does not make use of an optimized IT infrastructure will soon loose its market advantage. The challenge lies in the abundance of technology offerings and products that promise the hail. Choosing the wrong technology or product can easily end up in unstoppable costs or in failure to deliver the core services of the enterprise.

In order to cope with this challenge we teach to the non-IT experts in concise seminars the latest trends and buzz words and what benefits or disadvantages they may have. Only after being sure that all decision makers have a good understanding of the real trends we map the business transformation strategy with possible supporting technology.