SAP Preconfigured Clients

The mare still goes that SAP implementation is an expensive exercise, and definitely to costly for SMB. This is certainly true when one starts to configure a naked SAP installation package from scratch. But after twenty successful years of SAP R/3 ERP there are numerous templates out there that can be used as starting point for an own SAP implementation. It is likely that a pre-configured clients has already been designed for a similar task or industry use case.
Selecting such a pre-configured clients makes it easy to quickly install a SAP instance without requiring the legendary herds of consultants for requirement analysis, project planning and implementation. A preconfigured client is installed out of the box and you can use it from the very first moment on, just like you are used from installing a software pack on your personal computer.

We have a large and growing list of SAP pre-configured clients and solutions that can be added to an already running SAP instance for many industries like automotive, chemistry, life sciences, banking, media or retail.